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Live sound production for your band or music event.


Soundhog Productions was started to provide great sound and lighting for bands, venues and events. Too often bands are forced to compromise when hiring production; good sound with lighting that’s lacking - often playing in the dark or with uninspiring lighting.

My goal is to not only make you sound great but to look great too. Having consistent production for your band or event ensures quality for your buyer and raises the entertainment value for your show.

About Me

Hi, I’m Jon-Paul LeClair. I’ve been a musician (drummer) all my life, playing professionally since the early ‘90s. In the mid 90’s my band, Reflescent Tide, was signed to a national record label putting out two albums along with having songs charting in the Top 10 in the Christian music industry.

I’ve remained active in the Fox Valley music scene playing local bands along with being a co-owner in a band my son was involved in for several years until starting Soundhog Productions in 2016.

I’m passionate about music, recording, production and lighting. It’s something I genuinely enjoy doing. It’s my goal to make every band I work with look and sound the best that I can - it’s what I’d want for my own endeavors.


Having a great sounding and looking show is important for your band or event's image. Don't settle for playing in the dark with dim lighting or compromise on sound. It's my goal to make sure you always sound and look great.

Whether you're in a duet or a 5 piece rock band, Soundhog has a rig that can handle small, medium and some large sized venues with lighting to complete the package.

Sound-guy Only

Just need a sound-guy to run your rig? I can fill that role as well. I'm comfortable with most digital/analog mixers. Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Your own monitor mix? Yes please!

Wouldn't it be cool to control your own monitor mix? I can give you wireless access to your own monitor mix via the Behringer X32-Q App (Android | Apple)

Multi-track Recording

Want a copy of the night's performance? I can either do a straight stereo recording to USB stick or we can discuss multi-track recording. Feel free to contact me about recording options.

Rig Rundown

Want the rig's nitty-gritty? Here's a listing.


All JBL Pro powered speakers


  • JBL SRX815P (2-way mains, x2)
  • JBL SRX835P (3-way mains, x4)
  • JBL SRX828SP (dual 18" subs, x4)


  • JBL PRX815W (2-way mains, x2)
  • JBL PRX818XLF (18" sub, x4)


  • JBL EON612 (x5)


  • Vocal

    • Audix OM2 + Wireless
    • Audix OM5
    • Audix OM6
    • Blue Encore 200
  • Instrument

    • Audix DPA Drum Mic Kit
      D6/I5/D2/D4 & Overheads
    • Audix I5
    • Shure SM57
    • Sennheiser e906
    • Sennheiser e602-II
    • Blue i100


  • Behringer X32 Rack
  • Behringer S16
  • Elite Core Wired Personal Monitor Jack
  • Chauvet 4bar-Tri
  • Chauvet Intimidator 305
  • Blizzard HotBox RGBA
  • Blizzard Snowblind
  • Blizzard LB Par Quad RGBA
  • Direct boxes
  • Mic stands
  • Hazer


Bookings can fill up fast. Please contact me as early as possible!

Ultimately I'd love to partner with a few gigging bands so you can have a consistent, predictable show.

Check out the full calendar, including blocked dates.

Current Bookings

  • Sat - May 02, 2020
    Ridgeway Country Club
  • Sat - May 09, 2020
    FM Rodeo
    Knucklehead Pub
  • Sat - May 16, 2020
    Pine Grove Campground
  • Sat - May 23, 2020
    Rising Phoenix
    Shoots Bar & Grill
  • Sat - May 30, 2020
    Stone Crow
    The Shack Bar
  • Wed - Jun 03, 2020
    The Sardine Can
  • Sat - Jun 13, 2020
    Northern Bay Resort
  • Sat - Jun 20, 2020
    Skinny Dave's
  • Fri - Jul 03, 2020
    Crossing Paths & Tomorrow's Eve
    Oconto Breakwater Park & Harbor
  • Sat - Jul 04, 2020
    Anduzzi's Sports Club - Holmgren Way
  • Tue - Jul 21, 2020
    Sonic Circus
    EAA AirVenture
  • Sat - Aug 01, 2020
    Stone Crow + TBA
    The Nuthouse
  • Thu - Aug 06, 2020
    Billy Shears Band
  • Fri - Aug 07, 2020
    N8509 River Rd N8509 River Rd
  • Sat - Aug 08, 2020
    Northern Bay Resort
  • Wed - Aug 12, 2020
    The Sardine Can
  • Sat - Aug 15, 2020
    Sixx Gunns Loaded
    Hortonville Lanes
  • Sat - Aug 22, 2020
    Anduzzi's Sports Club - Holmgren Way
  • Sat - Oct 03, 2020
    Model Citizens
    JJ Maloney's
  • Sat - Nov 07, 2020
    Shoots Bar & Grill


Please contact me at your convenience. Email or text will probably be the most convenient and fastest way to get a hold of me. I will respond as fast as I can and probably much faster that you'd expect.